Function • Comfort • Rebellion


At Birth House Studio, our design ethos is all about Function, Comfort and Rebellion, which, we truly believe, makes a residence appealing and livable; not just a showpiece, but also a safe zone that provides a serene, relaxing environment and a true reflection of the owner.

For each design project, we take time with the owner to understand their personality, lifestyle and purpose of decoration, whether it is for living, for renting, for an Airbnb business, or other purposes, in order to allocate various functions in a limited space to the fullest while meeting the needs of the owner.

In addition, we are very selective when it comes to furniture, sanitary ware, fitting equipment or even small handles since all have an effect on elevating the lives of residents. Luxury is built on comfort, not on fleeting fashions. What’s the use if your sofa is beautiful but not comfortable?

Essentially, without character there is no beauty. We find uniqueness in every client, and thus every room we design must be unmatched. “Copy and Paste” is not the path we choose to walk. “Rebellion” is how we define disparate details that we put into every room.

The right balance between old and modern styles of sensuous elements creates a distinctive, yet timeless touch in our space designs.